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Nov 05

Dr. Cooper

Hair Transplant at Seattle's Sound Plastic Surgery

by Dr. Cooper

We are very excited to now be using cutting edge technology at Sound Plastic Surgery to perform hair transplantation for our Seattle area patients who are bothered by receding hairlines!  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a specialized technique of obtaining donor hair follicles from the occipital (back portion) scalp to be used for transplanting to the scalp's crown area or frontal hairline.  Rather than leave patients with a long scar on the back of the head, FUE allows us to pluck single hair follicles from the scalp, one at at time, and leave patients with no visible scar once everything heals up.  In fact, I saw a patient of ours yesterday, who underwent hair transplantation a month ago, and you cannot tell that anything was done to the back of his head!  It's really quite amazing.  The NeoGraft instrument that we use now to harvest hair follicles is quite revolutionary.  It contains a tiny blade that circumscribes and cuts around each hair unit, and then the suction portion of the device harvests these hair units into a special collection container.  Once we analyze the procured hair follicles to make sure they look perfect for transplantation, tiny incisions on the recipient site of the scalp are made, and the follicular units are inserted, one at a time.

One of the really neat things about our hair transplantation process is that patients are awake the whole time!  In fact, our last patient played games on his phone during most of the procedure.  A local anesthetic is placed into the scalp to prevent our patients from feeling any pain during their hair transplantation. 

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