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Jul 23

Dr. Cooper

Surgery of the earlobe in Seattle!

by Dr. Cooper

We commonly see patients coming in to our office for ear lobe repair for three main reasons:

  1. Torn ear lobe piercings
  2. Stretched ear lobe piercings
  3. Gauged ear lobe piercings that patients desire to have closed**

Each of these ear lobe issues may be solved with a surgical procedure performed here in our procedure room under a local anesthetic.  While you are awake, listening to any music of your choice (even Country!), we will prep your ear lobes, make some special marks, and then anesthetize your ear lobe(s).   Then we will reshape your ear lobes to meet, if not exceed, your expectations!

We take special care to assure as much symmetry as possible, along with a natural contour, for your repaired ear lobe(s).

**It is highly recommended that if you are having gauged ear lobes closed, you meet with a plastic surgeon who has experience in this particular field.  Large gauged ear lobe repair is technically more challenging that simple torn ear lobe repair.

Aftercare is simple and just involves keeping the ear lobe moist with some anti-bacterial ointment for a few days.  Sutures are removed in clinic 1 week later. 

If you are unhappy with the look of your earlobes, or if you recently had an ear lobe tear, set up a free consultation here at Sound Plastic Surgery, and we’ll get you scheduled for repair of your earlobe(s) as soon as we can!