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Sep 24

Dr. Cooper

Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasties) can Restore Confidence!

by Dr. Cooper

I see a lot of women who, after pregnancies, are left with stretch marks, excess skin, and a “pooch” in the lower abdomen that they simply cannot get rid of.  They tell me that no number of situps or special diets seem to improve their abdominal appearance. 

After multiple pregnancies and sometimes just one pregnancy, many women’s rectus muscles (those are the pair of abdominal muscles that can produce a “six pack”) tend to stretch out and/or become separated from one another.  We term this myofascial laxity or diastasis recti.   These weakened muscles can be responsible for that lower abdominal “pooch.”

During the tummy tuck operation, these muscles are tightened up with sutures to help produce a flatter, more toned appearing figure.  Additionally, excess skin and fat is removed, and the belly button (umbilicus) is reconstructed to look more pleasing.  We always keep the lower abdominal scar very low so it will be hidden by a swimsuit or underwear.

I love performing tummy tucks because the results can be quite spectacular, and mothers can regain that confidence about their tummies that they may have lost after having kids.