Joshua Cooper, MD, FACS

Botox can take awhile to work

Dr. Cooper

I had Botox injected into the forehead and glabellar region 72 hours ago. I still have no relaxation and I can fully contract the muscles. When will I notice a change after Botox?

  • Botox can take effect within 24 hours, and sometimes it can take as long as 2 weeks to take full effect. 
  • Some of my patients notice that Botox takes effect very quickly, while others don't notice much of an effect for a week or so.  You may just fall into that latter category....
  • In your case, I would not be overly concerned.  With time you'll likely be very happy with the results. 
  • If after 2 weeks you have not observed the results that your Botox injector told you to expect, then definitely contact him/her to be evaluated.


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