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when may I return to work after breast augmentation

Dr. Cooper

When may I return to work after breast augmentation? I have a desk job.

  • Most of our breast augmentation patients return to work around 3 days after their procedure.  Some women who have the procedure on a Friday may even return to work part time on Monday. 
  • This doesn't mean all of your discomfort will be completely resolved, but it should be very manageable by that time.
  • If your "normal office duties" don't involve a lot of lifting, I imagine you too would be fine going back to work a few days after your procedure. 
  • For patients whose jobs are quite physical (such as law enforcement, for example) we'd recommend light duty for the first couple weeks back at work. 
  • After your breast augmentation you'll likely take some prescribed narcotic medication for a couple days, and then Ibuprofen and Tylenol are usually best. 


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camma1I really liked working with Dr. Cooper I found him very easy to talk with, telling him what I wanted and had him explain in simple terms what to expect from the procedure and post surgery.

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