Joshua Cooper, MD, FACS

Brow Lift


Brow Lift

Sagging brows and deep furrows of the forehead are tell-tale signs of the aging process and your upper eyelids may appear heavy due to drooping brows. These features can make your look tired, angry and sad. A brow lift can help revitalize your upper face and restore your youthful look.

The Operation

Several surgical techniques are available to you. Depending on your own unique anatomy, depth of your forehead wrinkles and hairline position, Dr. Cooper will either recommend a hairline technique or endoscopic technique. The operation is performed under intravenous sedation or a general anesthetic and will be performed as an outpatient. The procedure takes approximately two hours and patients may go home the same day.


You can expect some tightness and swelling of the forehead and around the eyes for several days. Most patients are able to return to work after a week.


Potential complications are uncommon but include hematoma formation, delayed wound healing, over versus undercorrection and nerve injury. Dr. Cooper will discuss ways to minimize complications with you during your consultation.

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